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Ποιά είναι η Τόνια;

Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Raised in a family where the tradition fights the modernization, developed a stylish, but also faithfully traditional creative personality. She was involved with painting, design and manufacture of faux jewelry since her childhood, but the science was the ones who won in her adolescence. She graduated from the Faculty of Biology, University of Patras and continued her postgraduate studies in Bioinformatics in Program of Informatics for Life Sciences, Department of Medicine. After having met her learning aspirations returned to Athens, settled near the sea along with Simba and threw all her energy to  design and manufacture of her jewelry line called 'tonino'. This was just the occasion to unfold again all her creative pursuits. She founded 'tonino', online store and personal blog, a lifestyle platform for internet explorers, crafters and fashion fans. Weekly publishes her creative concerns, and presents her personal line of products.

Γιατί tonino ;

Overactive and teaser in her childhood, her brother used to call her Tonnnino. Her name as you could hear it through a spring, which she had swallowed as he used to tell her, and she just could not stay quit and still. Οf course, maybe had something to do with her grandfather's name, Tony. Nobody knows... 

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